Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Congrats. Congrats. GTFO.

This card isn't dated, but I got it about this time last year - Feb/Mar of 2018. I had moved into a new place that was nicely decorated with a reindeer pelt draped over the tasteful All Modern furniture. And there were plants!

My roommate (I would later discover the hard way) had - and still has - more than her fare share of the mental / behavioral health challenges. And more than regularly, she would cozy up to Uncle Tito's to augment her treatment. The best though would be when she would come home in the middle of the night and cook, but then pass out. And the food would burn on the stove unattended leaving a nice smokey essence to the apartment. Yay!

And she presented as soooo normal during the roommate interview!? 

Anyway, shortly after I moved in, my dear friends who live all the way out in University Park, Maryland sent me a postcard congratulating me on the new apartment and the new job - my environmental conservation gig I'm currently at. It was a time of change and transition. Putting up with Uncle Tito's mistress lasted about 6 months - I told her dad of the liability and then GTFO. The job I'm still at - still trying to save the planet one spreadsheet at a time! 

Anyway, the above posty is from both Craig and Dave. Sent with love and signed by both from Orlando, FL - so they both get credit! Thanks guys - I got your postcard. 

Get there!

Monday, March 25, 2019

Your birthday... And me...

Juliana’s birthday was March 13th, and I missed it. #badfriend

To my credit, I remembered on the 12th but when the 14th rolled around, I emerged to the realization that I had missed it. And I use the word "emerged" because I felt bad but mostly exhausted.

My excuse? Hydrology midterm exam on dimensional analysis, hydrostatic equations, Bernoulli's equation, constant flow, psychometric constants, Reynolds Number, friction factors and… And an Energy & Climate Finance paper on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) methodology for small scale working groups – recycling. Basically, it was midterms hell. That plus this sleep apnea thing.  

So, when it comes to her birthday, I remembered on the 12th, the 13th was a blur, and the 14th was a sigh of relief – and an explosion of guilt.

Nevertheless, this postcard from Dooplex is quintessentially Jules. Indiscernible handwriting about architecture, modern design, friends, and food. And stamps. Stamps, stamps, and more beautiful stamps! Everything about this posty is perfect. 

So, it's better late than never - even though you'll have one next year - happy belated birthday Jules.  I’m honored that we’re still friends after all these years – one day we’ll be able to get these bras on and off without ANY shoulder pain. Obviously, I got your postcard.

Get there!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Soliciting in the workplace!

I’ve always taken pride in my position on shamelessly asking for postcards – I mean, what’s the harm in asking when the possible replies are, “yes,” “I’ll try,” “no,” or “get away you creep!”

In casual settings, shamelessly asking for a post card can be charming and charismatic, but in a professional work setting, shameless can be a liability. And my work setting – where I have to maintain some sense of professional composure – has offices around the world with a global staff of hundreds nearing a thousand. You see where I’m going with this? The possibilities!

So, when I found myself in a new setting, surrounded by all these professionals – many of which have impressive PhDs in sciency stuff – I was… well, I was lost for starters - literally. Our offices at the time were split over two floors and were super confusing to navigate; and cold… I was cold all the time because the thermostat was set to Witches Tit – always ironic for an earth-friendly organization.

I was also patient. Solidified my mental map, brought in a scarf and plugged in an unauthorized space heater for those summer days indoors. And I made friends. Pam was the first professional work place friend that I asked for a postcard, and she obliged.

The postcard was sent June 8, 2018 and arrived in our office on June 25… but I didn’t get the postcard until September! And that’s because a coordinator that was in charge of picking up mail for a neighboring division accidentally collected this postcard and kept it on her desk for months. Said coordinator is no longer at the company (a better gig) and delivered my postcard a week before her last day.

Pam, I’m glad you had a blast exploring the seat of a former Empire! Your travel schedule is still insane… as for this postcard – it traversed over 3,000 miles to stall just a hundred steps away from my desk for months. But you know what? I got your postcard!

Get there!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

It's Amazing They Still Exist


2018 was a pretty decent year for postcards - and how the fuck is it already February? Yeah, 2019 is going to be the year of the f-bomb so get used to it. It's quite fitting too because this postcard is from my friend and work colleague, Rob, who was on assignment in Madagascar (officially the Republic of Madagascar) for about a month.

Madagascar is what is know in the industry as a key biodiversity hot spot. Having broken off the Indian subcontinent about 90 million years ago, the flora and fauna has developed unique species - 90% of which are only found on the island. There are over 100 different lemurs, and the ring-tailed lemur is found only on Madagascar. There... and the National Zoo in Washington, DC.

So, the best part about this postcard was the doubt and uncertainty following my request for a posty - we didn't know if this would even get to the States. It did. And thus, we have Madagascarian stamps and stamp cancels. It's pretty rad.

Actually the best part about this postcard are the lemurs, and Rob's observation, "... the lemurs are really quite dumb, amazing they still exist." So, without out a doubt, Madagascar has a postcards and post offices. Thanks Rob, I got your postcard!

Get there!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2018 Omega & 2019 Alpha

I have literally got a backlog of hundreds of postcards (cue the guilty conscience), but there are only 24 hours in a day... and I'm a busy graduate student working a full time job. That said, when the urge to write strikes, I make time!

And I have Craig L. to thank for sending this posty from Benin while on a work trip with USAID - this was of course pre-partial-government-shutdown AKA the times we live in. He like hundred of thousand of his fellow federal colleagues are on furlough including his husband. They're doing ok right now, but if this goes on for much longer they'll have to consider doing chores for their bank to help with the mortgage. And having consulted with their respective personal lawyers on retainer, they've both been given the green light to proceed... with the services.

This postcard is cool on so many levels: geographically, personally, and temporally. The first two we covered. Temporal, here goes: This postcard was the last postcard sent to me in 2018 and the first postcard I received in 2019. How cool is that? Well, I think it's cool, and I'm sure Craig thinks it's cool now. It also took a month to get to Washington, DC!

So, Craig - I hope you enjoyed your visit to Ganvie. The history sounds amazing. Appreciate your pick from the "gift shop" - thank you! I got your postcard.

Get there.