Saturday, January 25, 2020

Gurl is Practically a Geisha!

Before Queer Eye went to Japan, Dan, and his husband, Andrew, descended on Japan and ate their way around the island where they decided to park it in Kyoto to set up the Asian installment of their Flaming Man, no doubt. I gave Dan a preview of this postcard saying something akin to, "It took me forever to figure this was you because I don't know an AJ!" Well, it's just short of 5 years, so not as late as others. So thanks, Dan. I figured it out. And I got your postcard!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Señor Eye & Buddons

If this is the second installment of "sexy back guy," then I've yet to post about the first installment - either it never got to me or I've yet to get to it... That said, this postcard is from Dove pictured below with an old school photo sticker from what I can guess is one of those photo kiosks - PUSH THE GREEN BUDDON! She's with her baby-daddy, but they look like children when the photo was taken. In 2002, I was living in Los Angeles at the time living it up with the cuties. Those were the days. Appreciate moody-sexy postcard, Dove. The naughty but nice is a... nice touch. If we don't get a chance to catch up in 2020, then you should know, I got your postcard!

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Friday, January 17, 2020

Little Lambs Everywhere

The first postcard of the year is always very exciting. Last year was from my friend Craig L., the humanitarian not, Craig K. the mightly sailor combat warrior. This year's postcard is from Germany, and it begins with a kiss! I always thought that Moin Moin was just a quirky thing that my friend Patrick did, but apparently, it's a thing. I guess if it's on a postcard, then it must be a thing!

About the card, this lamb is similar to the little lambs scattered along the fields en route to the lighthouse at St. Peter-Ording where Enwei and his husband were married. While beautiful and verdant, one major part of that memory included my thinking, "stay on the road or else!" The reason being? There was cuteness everywhere surrounded by poo everywhere! It was a wonderful day, beautiful and happy with happy nuptials, replete with little lambs. Danke, Enwei. I got your postcard.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

He's a German Shogun - Respect!

I've had a difficult time writing about this postcard... well less so about the card, but more about Finn. You see, I've tried to blend the right amount of story about Finn with wit, sarcasm, and humor with tasteful innuendos, crass references to awkwardly short mustaches, a distaste for discipline, and respect for privacy. Most of all, I wanted to be irreverent about all social constructs but had to weigh self-censorship, with his being a journalist. And that's perhaps my struggle. He's public yet private, discrete, but not shy. Follow Finn on Twitter!

So, the plan was to move in with him and his partner for about six months when I was trying to transition out of China. In actuality, it was 18 months... and the flat did not have a microwave! After a period of cohabitation, I learned that his partner was a Lego fanatic, and Finn was possibly Asian in a prior life. In this life, he drinks copious amounts of green tea, meditates to take a break from meditation, bows endlessly, and is suffocatingly considerate - in a German way.

His being a polyglot makes him exceptional having mastered two Asian languages. I guess his appreciation for all things Asian was appreciated as well (for the record, we did not hook up). As a journalist, he lived in Japan for a number of years - long enough to become very proficient in Japanese and write a charming travel book about Japan for Germans called, Tokio Total: Mein Leben als Langnase available on German Amazon. When can we expect a book about China?

One thing of note that I don't think I've seen done in many postcards is his indicating the city from which he writes and date on the postcard. It's lovely because it's more specific than the country and less bulky than something like, "writing you from Naru..." as I would have done. Well arigato, Finn. I got your postcard!

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Bagpipes & Tap Shoes

Trying to get this post of a posty out before I shuffle off to tap - yes, for those of you that don't know - I tap... my aptitude waxes and wanes, of course, with the tides. The above is from my dance instructor, Kay, here in DC. Apparently, she's a lawyer by training but enjoyed a career as a dancer - how that happens, I've yet to get the full story. It's lovely and as inspiring as double pullbacks with wings with one foot. I started with her a few weeks after moving to DC in 2017 and asked for a postcard as she was about a hop-step-leap to Europe to make some noise. Ok, I've got to head to class now - time to paddle on out of here. Thanks, Kay. I got your postcard!

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Curiously Enthusiastic Boys

I have no clue as to what's happening with this postcard - specifically what's happening with Wendy in this postcard. In 1999, I would have wrapped up my junior year of university and entering summer break. Wendy, being a year ahead of me, might have been working already and on a work trip to Phoenix. Though, probably not as she went horseback riding, clubbing with three "enthusiastic boys," and had her heart broken by Ricky Martin. Gurrrrl - we've all been there. Thanks, Wendy - aka the Dorkus with the Mostus. I got your postcard.

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Whirling Dervishes & Xiaolongbao

This from my friend, Marga, whom I met when I used to be a media-junkie in Beijing. She was friends with my friends from the AP and Reuters at the time. She moved to Istanbul around 2014 and sent this posty. I think we caught up once or twice after she moved and she was regaling us her new life and work adventures in the region, lovers at her doorstep, and delectable flavors at her fingertips. My impressions of Marga were always that of adventure, empowerment, and a free spirit able to connect - which is good for a journalist looking for the human angle of stories. I think her European-ness was also very attractive as was her accent.

We've lost touch over the years but liked EVERYONE in the world are still connected via Facebook, and that does provide some empty consolation. I've always imagined going to visit Istanbul and calling on Marga for a visit, grabbing some pide or kebap for dinner and finishing off with some Turkish delight and a maybe a hookah for dessert. Not to mention the Whirling Dervishes!

Well, it's been a while, but I'm not there yet, but Marga - I too miss xiaolongbao but would love to grab a meal with you if I ever make it out to Istanbul. Until then, just letting you know - I got your postcard!

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Friday, January 10, 2020

Let's Make Love, Indeed!

This was sent in 2002... Let's see. I would have been in Los Angeles at the time, and I think Lesley was either working or in law school. And after 18 years, I don't remember if we ever had a chance to catch up after her escapades at The Tides nor did we take a trip to Miami - but guess what Lesley?!? I got your postcard!

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Much Appreciated, Friend

The bed, yes; the floor, yes; the hat, yes; the socks, yes! the shoes, eh... not so much. That said, this lovely black-and-white is indeed beautiful. Also done by the famous photographer, Bruce Weber. He's known for photographing Abercrombie models with and sometimes without clothes frolicking with ease exemplifying Americana, youth, innocence, and sexual homogeny. Those were simpler times, but less representative. Either way, it doesn't detract from the mood at all. Thanks, Jesse. It's been 21 years, but wanted to let you know, I got your postcard! Tchaw Tchaw

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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Aloha - This is Where You'll Find Me

Remember that sailor I mentioned in my recap of 2019, "Happy New Year, Bishes - I'm going to bed!" post? Well, he sent me the above postcard from Waikiki in Hawaii last April on a work trip to Pacific Command. To commute every couple of months to Hawaii would be paradise. To fly ten hours there for two days and fly ten hours back would be hell. But like any smart and savvy traveler, he would go early, stay late, and include weekends whenever possible. All the enjoying the extra time with friends in Waikiki. Thanks, Craig. I hope I get to go with you to Hawaii someday. I got your postcard!

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