Sunday, February 2, 2020

Buff Aussies Boys Don't Hurt

It's been a few years, so this might not be entirely accurate... but I met Prie while he was on a world tour - a hiatus from that professional hampster wheel in New York City. We're actually friends of friends as I hosted him when he was in Beijing for his worldwide adventure. Prie is one of those guys that's always smiling, living, and loving life. He was the consummate guest, always took his shoes off, and was sightseeing and taking pictures... leaving rainbows in his wake. He even left me an illustrated thank you card of him and the world - as he does, just carelessly leaving rainbows all over the place for people to trip over them. Jerk. If you ask me, it's too much.

All joking aside, Prie has one of those smiles that radiates. Try as I may, I couldn't wish him a hair out of place. He's lovely. As for this postcard, it's nearly perfect, but it needs a date! La Boheme and fireworks, though - fabulous. Thank you, Prie. I got your postcard!

Get there!

Update [Mon, 2/3/2020]: It was Enwei that introduced us! Always the connector! Well done and thank you too.

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