Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Good Bummed Out

This is the cheekiest postcard I've ever received! Unfortunately, I don't know who sent it other than Deb. I have an idea and I'm pretty certain that it was from my time working in Hawaii. My friend, Katie Chin, was staring in her own cooking show for PBS. There were two "Debras" on set. One was a producer. When I asked her if this was her handwriting, she said, "No, too nice. LOL." The other Deb was the hair and makeup artist on set. But I can't remember her name or know how to get in touch with her. Granted, this was 19 years ago, so... yeah... um... I'm pretty bummed out. I guess I just need to get back to Hawaii! Until then. Thanks! I got your postcard.

Get there!

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