Thursday, February 20, 2020

She's Somethin' Kinda Fierce!

This postcard is from my friend, Craig, from his annual professional pilgrimage to Benin. I still haven't figured out what he does. But his Instagram exploded when he posted about the voodoo parade and the march of the sex organs through town. Work-related? Who knows...

As for this postcard of "a liberated American woman of the 70s" - it is indeed fabulous! The fact that Craig sent it from the embassy... less so. There's so much going on in this card, so let me draw your attention to the gender-bending heroine, her purple pumps, and straw hat. And the use of the picnic table pattern with so many other competing patterns is brave and bold. The use of negative space makes it an instant classic. I love this one, Craig! I got your postcard.

Get there!

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